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  • How to prepare everything in 20 minutes or less per day
  • A grocery list
  • My entire course that you can access at any time
  • Your ongoing questions answered via individual response or discussion group
  • Most of all I give you your Dream Body without Driving Yourself Crazy

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I would love to be able to point you to one company that was the best in every product category but unfortunately we have to use a couple of companies to accomplish our Weight Loss Goals.  

In my selection process I try extremely hard to find products that are what I call "Physician Grade".  These are products that are produced by Doctors or Doctor's Groups and are generally available in Doctors offices throughout the US.

Very, Very Important

The First 3 meals of the day are strategically set up to Melt Bodyfat.

Our brains contain a neurotransmitter, serotonin, which functions to restore emotional well-being. Research at MIT revealed that when Certain Foods are eaten on a Precise Schedule, serotonin is made.

If you consume the First 3 Meals as suggested your chances of Success will Increase Dramatically.  This will help you Melt away Bodyfat minute by minute, hour after hour.

Real Dose Nutrition

Per my instructions in the prior videos we will need to purchase our Base Products from a Very Reputable Company called Real Dose Nutrition.

You will purchase the:

-Protein used in meal 1

-Red Juice used in meal 2

I Highly Recommend you set up the Systematic Monthly Purchase Plan (auto-fill) when you order.

You will automatically receive your Nutritional Supplies every 30 days.

It is easy to stop any time - No Questions Asked.

1. The Protein in RealMeal GF

​Each container is a 15 day supply.

​Buy the bundle of 2.

The Bundle Cost is around $72/month on Auto Refill (save 20%).

Per Day Cost is around $2.40 for really solid nutrition.

2. Real Reds

Each container is a 30 day supply.

​​The cost is around $54/month on Auto Refill (save 20%).

Per Day Cost is around $1.80 for.

Weight Loss Formula 1

Each container is a 30 day supply.

90 capsules.  3 per day.

The cost is around $53.60/month on Auto Refill (save 20%).

Per Day Cost is around $1.79 for a really good appetite suppressant.

The Weight Loss pills are optional but recommended at least in the beginning to curb your appetite.

The 3 products total $6 per day.   Without the Weight Loss pills it is only $4.20.

Links to purchase Real Dose Products

Link to Protein

Link to Reds

Link to Weight Loss Pills

Seeking Health- Green Drink

Seeking Health Pure Greens

-Green Juice used in meal 1

Per Day Cost is around $1.05/day.

Link to purchase Seeking Health - Green Drink (meal1)


         Then enter          SKH203    in the search box

Seeking Health Pure Greens

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