Welcome to the Inner Circle

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Welcome to the Inner Circle Page.

I wanted to do something special for the people who are Really Serious about their weight loss goals.

I am looking for people who I can spend a little more time with and as a group so we all get better.

The type of person who I am looking for:

  • Take Action
  • Follow the Meal Plan
  • Purchase the Nutritional Products (If you can afford them-they will make a big difference)
  • Have purchased your groceries
  • Calculated your BMR
  • Gone through the Course Videos

Here is how the Process works:

  • You fill in the information below
  • Be as detailed as possible - list problems in the past, how your schedule works, biggest current issue
  • I will then call you for an interview over the phone.
  • My goal will be to record the interview either in a Live Stream or to play at a later time

These interviews are to help YOU and other individuals in the group to overcome their obstacles. 

We will only use First Name and State so that you can remain anonymous.

The whole goal behind Our Weight Loss Support Group is to help ourselves and help others.

If you are uncomfortable I understand.

An alternate way to help would be for you to write out your goals, situation, etc and I will post it in the group and I will do a Live Stream to discuss your situation without you on the phone.

Let me know how you would like to move forward.

Remember, this Group is a No Judgement Zone group.

We are all here to get better and help others at the same time.

Finally, If you Don't Quit you Will Win!

Thanks for your help and I am looking forward to speaking to you or addressing your issues in writing or on video phone conference.

Once again, Thanks and Congratulations!

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